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2021 Master Your Emotions Calendar

The 2021 Calendar has arrived!

Start 2021 in a whole new way

Take an intentional 12 month journey

Each month is dedicated to a topic around wellbeing, self growth, personal development and inner reflection. 

Use it as a tool to understand more of who you are and who you are choosing to be in 2021.


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noun: the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life…

Take a moment to rest

Grab a cuppa and take a moment to enjoy a good read…

Take a moment to rest

Grab a cuppa and take a moment to enjoy a good read…

The Lakshmi Abundance Mantra

Release all obstacles to abundance

Om Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

This mantra engages the law of attraction through intention and ritual. The vibration of the chant is said to activate your sacred heart chakra, where your eternal flame resides, the essence of who you are, the essence of your spirit, your soul. Activating this chakra allows you passage to step even further into the magnificent being of who you are.

Allow your first gift of abundance to be this journal & audio, FREE!

Hi, I'm Delyse

Designer, seeker, meditation teacher, facilitator, content curator and adventurer. Our list of labels could go on and on couldn’t they?
I grew up in the world of personal development and self growth. Practicing meditation and creative visualisation (thanks Mum) from when I was a very little girl, raiding Mum’s bedside table as an early teen for books by Wayne Dyer, Dan Millman, Shakti Gawain and Carlos Casteneda (the bedside table is always where the good books are!), and then finally moving in to the health and wellbeing industry myself. I’ve set and achieved goals, manifested amazing adventures, trusted in the Universe, channelled crystal energy, immersed myself in silent ten day meditation retreats, jumped and raved at high energy success events… but it’s never been a walk in the park. There are always challenges, learnings and always, always growth. And growth can be painful. Our comfort zone is called that for a reason!

Paper Sage is a culmination of my learnings and my own journey, hoping that it will support and guide you on your path towards fulfilment and our universal ultimate goal of happiness.

Have a Listen

Enjoy a giggle as I joined Savy Sally as her guest on her podcast, Sideshow Sally, talking mindset, vision boards and the Lakshmi abundance mantra…