Here you will find beautiful morning meditations, healing meditations and guided visualisations for relaxation, better sleep, soulful connection and peace of mind. 

Creative Visualisation

Why Guided Meditations?

Our time and our health is precious. Guided Meditations can help you quickly de-stress, relax and come back into the present moment. They offer an opportunity for you to slow down and to actively engage your subconscious and creative mind.

Meditation helps us understand who we are. When we are present in our moment, we can see what is really going on within us, we give ourselves the time to check in with our body, with our thoughts and allow ourselves to simply observe. Through the act of observation, there is the gift of awareness and with awareness comes the power to make conscious decisions. 

These guided meditations all have a purpose, they will help you dream, plan, work through, acknowledge, remember and breathe. They are powerful and relevant.


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