Be Your Own Super Hero | Mindset and Self Worth

Be Your Own Super Hero | Mindset and Self Worth

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Do you ever wake up hoping that something is going to happen today to snap you out of that funk?

Do you secretly wish someone will save you or rescue you from the doldrums and the monotony of the day to day?

Are you waiting?

Are you allowing the days to pass… waiting?

What if you woke up one day and realized that YOU were the hero of your life. I know it sounds cheezy and the self help movement is full of the proclamation, but seriously, take a moment to really feel the weight of those words. Hear them as if for the first time. Try them on for size,

“I am my own super hero”.

Do you realize what it means?

It means that no one is coming to save you. No one is going to fix anything for you. No one is going to say, “here, let me do that for you… let me solve that problem”.

Sounding depressing? It’s not meant to. Claiming yourself to be your own hero is an ambitious, bold and empowering decision to come to.

I believe we spend a lot of our life waiting. Waiting for people to solve our problems, waiting for a particular event to happen or a circumstance to arrive. Is our partner going to do it? A work colleague going to fix it? Is my accountant going to ring me and say “I had nothing else going on this past Sunday afternoon so I completed your tax return”. No, I don’t think so!

We wait for the right time, we wait for permission (whether we know it or not), we wait for it to be safe, for someone else to test the waters first.

And why do we wait? Why do we put so much of our life in the hands of others (not that we would ever admit it mind you!)… Fear.

It so often comes back to fear.

Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of doing the wrong thing in someone else’s eyes. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of ridicule. Goodness, need I go on?

Being Your Own Super Hero (click to download the worksheet)

What if you chose instead to be the starring role in the story of your life. No longer an understudy or worst still, part of the audience.
What if you took that realization of being your own hero and asked yourself some questions:

If I truly took on the belief that I am my own hero, flying super hero cape and all, how would my day be different?

If I truly took on the belief that I am 100% responsible for my life and what I achieve each and every day (because I am a super hero), what are some of the beliefs that would support me through my day?

If I knew within the very core of my being that I am the hero within my own life, who would I allow myself to be?

If I was the super hero in someone else’s life, my partner, my children, my friend, what would my relationship with them be like?
(this is not to detract from their own super hero-ness, it simply highlights a potential change in your mindset)

Acknowledging that YOU are the hero allows you to claim back your power, and I’m not talking about the harsh, directive, controlling kind of energy that power can sometimes be mistaken for, I’m talking about that deeply creative, divinely connected kind of power, filled with miraculous potential and certainty of self that comes when a human being steps into their truest vibration.

That, is Power.

When you DECIDE that you will not wait for anyone else to make the first step, tell you what to do or how to do it, when you DECIDE that not only will you take charge of your life, but you will be the starring super hero, the flood gates open and your LIFE comes pouring through, life of your own creation.

Conjure the image for a moment, go wild with it, purple underpants on the outside of your green stockings, yellow cape flying, chest puffed out!
Ok, so maybe don’t follow my lead with the visualizing, but you get where I’m going with it!
Step into that person and imagine the feelings running through your body. How do you carry yourself? Head held high. Self respect, determination, self worth, certainty and the love of taking massive action running through your veins.

So I encourage you today to step into the role of super hero. No one else is going to fill that role in your life, everyone else is busy with their own stuff. The position is vacant and you’ve been selected. Step up and take it on.

Next time you find yourself thinking that someone else will do/act/say/be a certain way – to fill a need of yours, stop and remind yourself that as the super hero in this situation, it’s YOUR responsibility, nobody else’s.

Remember, don’t let time pass you by. Not today, not tomorrow. Seize it!

With delightful blessings and a swish of my yellow super hero cape

Delyse x

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