Design Your Life | Goal Setting

Design Your Life | Goal Setting

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Don’t just dabble in life, design it!

The start of the month is a great time to refocus, create and plan.

Goal setting has played a fundamental role in my life for a long time. I love having something to work towards, a focus, a vision, a point in the future where I can see myself standing triumphantly declaring “yes! I made it!”

6 Steps for Manifesting your Desires

6 Steps for Manifesting your Desires

It’s rewarding, it’s motivating and personally I know it’s essential for my wellbeing to have a future focus.

Think back to a time in your own life where you set yourself a goal that you achieved. How did it feel? What did you allow that to mean about yourself?

You may have long term goals (5-10 years), or short term goals (1, 6 or 12 months), whatever they are, take the opportunity at the start of every month to identify what THIS month will mean for you and your goals. What action needs to happen in order for you to be on track?

If you don’t have any goals, take the opportunity to play! Cast yourself out to the end of the month and decide where you want to be at the end of the month, set yourself a challenge and delight in the joy of seeing it come to fruition as a result of the action you are taking.

If you want to grasp back control of your time, your days, your life, take these steps today and don’t look back:

1. Identify a goal. It could be anything from learning a new task to saving for a holiday
2. Set a date of when you want to achieve it.
3. Create a plan, starting from the finishing date, back to todays date with an action step every day
4. Use tools and resources to help you stay on track (ask a friend to hold you accountable, get a life coach or mentor, create a vision board, keep a success journal)

Remember, don’t let time sneak past you, not today, not tomorrow… seize it!

With love & visionary blessings!

Thank you for reading!