Come On… Do Affirmations Really Work? | Law of Attraction

Come On… Do Affirmations Really Work? | Law of Attraction

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I always thought that positive thinking was the key, just focus on what you want hard enough, tell it to yourself over and over, and it will come to pass.

Umm, no, that is not the secret.

Sometimes these statements of affirmation ‘felt’ right, other times they just felt like empty words that I didn’t believe for a second.

Then I learnt that’s it’s not just about the words.

Affirmations and positive thinking have their place, absolutely. They can be incredibly powerful tools however they are not the driving force behind manifestation and reaching your ultimate goals/passions.

The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. It’s a proven fact, not a metaphysical myth, enough has been written about this that I don’t need to go into details here (and quantum physics/theory has never been my strong point!!).

When you are in vibrational alignment with what you desire and who you want to be as a result, that is when the magic happens.

Affirmations are a tool that help you get into vibrational alignment, but you MUST be clear on your outcome, your end result, your end feeling and you must be taking action that supports this vision.

I believe there is a process and in it’s simplest outline (without addressing the beliefs, values and patterns of behavior that turn up as forms of self sabotage), here is the process:

6 Steps for Manifesting your Desires

1 Get clear on what you want/who you want to be

2 Understand WHY you want this outcome.

3 Step into this future, try it on. See what you will see, hear what you will hear, feel what you will be feeling when this comes to pass. This is where you start to step into vibrational alignment.

4 Employ tools that assist you to get into vibrational alignment even more: a) guided imagery – step into this future as often as possible b) vision board – create a visual representation of what you are striving for c) affirmations – create a powerful statement that is in alignment with what you want/who you want to be

5 Take massive, powerful action on a daily basis to move you towards your goal

6 Give thanks and offer gratitude every day for you moving forward This is the process in the simplest form.

To touch back on affirmations, the simplest way of describing an affirmation is that it is to affirm a belief that is currently not in your natural manner of thinking.

By reciting this affirmation on a consistent basis, you are programming your mind to believe something new. When you do this as a result of a vision you are working towards, with a passionate desire to achieve and you are taking action that supports and provides evidence for this new affirmation, it comes out of the category of affirmation and into the category of a belief. (A belief being a sense of certainty about something.)

It is at this point that change occurs.

Affirmations carve out the pathway to a new belief.
When you believe something strongly enough it becomes a part of who you are.

If you are saying an affirmation around finances; “Abundance and money flows to me easily and effortlessly”, yet your actions are not supporting this (constant frivolous spending, not being grateful for what you do have), there is no vibrational alignment.

If however you are offering thanks for all that you do have, for every penny coming in, you are saving and being careful with your money, this is getting into vibrational alignment.

Click the image to download “6 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires”

Affirmations are always stated in the positive and are in current tense.

If my vision was to be someone with amazing confidence, I might use one of the below affirmations:

“I am a magnet to exciting opportunities”

“My confidence enables me to have exciting new adventures”

“My sense of self worth and confidence grows stronger and stronger every day”

“I love stepping outside of my comfort zone”

So, following the example above:

1 You are clear about what you want: An increase in self confidence.

2 Understand WHY you want this particular outcome.

3 You imagine what it feels like, sounds like, looks like when you have that level of amazing self confidence. In your mind you experience yourself as already being this amazingly confident person.

4 You develop tools that support you; an affirmation, a vision board, constant focus and attention on your outcome.

5 You take action that supports this vision; stepping out of your comfort zone, making new decisions, observe the feedback you are receiving.

6 Give thanks for every opportunity to develop your confidence, for every moment you feel a sense of power, confidence, excitement and joy.

Follow this simple process and change will come to pass for you, the first step is to get clear on what you want, and why.

I would love to hear some of your new affirmations that support your vision and goals!

With delightful blessings!

Delyse x

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Thank you for reading!